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The airplane of the future

If we don't do something in the plane of the future we will be able to play golf but we will not be able to bring our pets

Some time ago I was looking for air cabins images and aircraft designs and I came across these videos "Airspace Cabin Vision 2030" and "The future by Airbus", about the flight experience of the future, in this case of the Airbus company.

So what will airplanes look like in 2030 and 2050? Will we have new levels of comfort, augmented reality, sleeping berths, bars, gym and even golf courses ... and our animals?

I watched the videos from the beginning to the end, carefully, hopeful to find in the plane of the future a pets area, places with pet carriers, reserved bunks ... I thought that we could travel comfortably and serene with our friends.

Nothing, not a word. Maybe they think that in 10-30 years we will have dog-holograms and robot-cats?

If you think that the designers and manufacturers of aircraft and the airlines that buy them do not have a clear idea of the priorities of their customers, sign the petition and share with as many people as possible. The more we are, the more we will show them that before having golf courses we want to be able to travel with our pets in a safe place, close to us, not in the hold as suitcases.

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