Hello, I'm Alice, I love my dog Carruba and I love to travel with her. Like many others, I would like to take her with me without any problem but current airlane conditions for pet transport prevent us from doing so.

The purpose of this petition is to get to aircraft manufacturers, airlines, air transport associations, to face this problem, and to press them to find a solution and change the rules on pet transport.

Nowadays, the airlines that allow the pets in the cabin establish a weight limit that varies between 11 and 22 pounds including the pet carrier. This carrier must be stowed beneath the seat in front of the owner. So, only a cat or a very small dog can travel in the cabin, while medium-small, medium and large dogs are not allowed and must go in the cargo hold where they travel as suitcases, in the dark, packed together with animals of other species, all terrified.

In addition to being extremely stressful, travel in the cargo hold is sometimes fatal because pressurization problems, temperature drops, and other unexpected events may occur. Some animals do not arrive alive, they die of hypothermia, heart attacks or asphyxiation, others arrive at their destination very traumatized. Veterinarians do not recommend and airlines do not allow giving animals a sleeping pill before the trip.

Pet owners often decide, reluctantly and for their pet’s sake, not to travel or to leave them at home. But when owners are forced to take a pet along, for example for an overseas relocation, they have a hellish trip, worried all the time about their friend whose condition they cannot check on in any way. In fact no one, not even the crew, can access the area in which the pets are packed.

The owners of medium-small, medium and large dogs are the most affected by these rules, but they are not the only ones. Each passenger can travel with one pet only in the cabin, so anyone who has two or more cats or dogs, even if small, won't be able to bring them in the cabin. The owner will have to be accompanied by someone else or will be forced to put them in the cargo hold. Not to mention those who have other pets such as rabbits, ferrets, turtles or birds, for which each company has different rules and restrictions.

In a society where dogs and many other pets are full members of the family, they can travel on trains and ferries, they are accepted in restaurants and hotels, current airlines rules that prevent us from traveling with our friends are completely anachronistic.

Someone will object current restrictions are for the comfort and safety of the other passengers. They are not. How could anyone be comfortable travelling next to a 10-pounds-dog that barks all the time or next to a cat that, after 7 hours confined to the pet carrier, pooped in it?
The current rules are discriminatory because they allow some dog and cat breeds and their owners to have a safe journey, while others have a hellish one. The fact that weight and size are the discriminating factors and not other characteristics such as noise, odour, or aggression, doesn't make any sense and is immoral.

What’s the solution? 
One place to start would be to create a small, welcoming and soundproofed pet area with 5-10 carriers of different sizes, accessible by the owners during the flight. This arrangement would already solve many situations and would make for a pleasant and secure trip for pets, owners and everyone else.
Another option could be special seats with a big pet carrier nearby. But there are many other possible solutions that could be adopted in the future.
On Youtube you can easily find the Boeing concept for "the 2030 airplane" that includes even a gym, a golf course, and augmented reality. Beautiful, but not a word about our pets.
Maybe they think that in 2030 we will have dog-holograms and robot-cats ?!
First comes an equipped animal area and then the golf course!

Join this campaign if you think everyone should be able to travel safely with their pets.
Like DogInCabin Facebook page and share on Fb, twitter, istagram, whatsapp, tag friends and famous people! The more we are, the more our request will be strong and will be heard. We can change our planes!




Let's try to to spread this campaign as much as possible and have millions of people supporting it.

Join the campaign on instagram #ImNotASuitcase #DogInCabin  by taking a picture of your dog inside a suitcase or with a sign and  putting the ashtags .

Next time you go to the airport, print the ticket you find here and give it to the crew of all the airlines, leave on airport tables.

If you want you can give me a small donation ( 2$ ) to help me continue dedicate time and efforts to this cause.

If you have a lot of friends talk with them

If you are a singer, an actor, a conductor, ... talk before your show

If you are an artist, a cartoonist, a humorist create something about and share on my Fb page

If you have an office, a shop, a studio put up a poster 

If you have an idea to help, write me


If you are a CEO or a president of an airline company or plane manifacturer, please

change your cabin and allow a lot of people to travel happily with their pets.






Hi, I'm Alice! 
Last summer my husband Daniel and I were travelling by car in Sicily when we found an aboundoned puppy on the road.

We adopted her and continued our journey. From that moment we are inseparable.
Carruba loves to travel by car, train and ship.
I am Italian and my husband Daniel is Brazilian.

We thought of making a month-long trip to Brazil to visit family and friends but after having done all the documents we realized that Carrubba, which today weighs 26 Lbs, would have traveled in the hold. For 12 hours or more!

I have looked for alternatives to air travel including cruises and even cargo ships but there is no way to cross the ocean without putting at risk his life and mental health.

I cannot accept that in 2020 there are still all these problems for traveling with a dog or cat who are fully part of the family. For this reason I created this petition with the desire to change the situation.

Ready to go
touristic port, Palermo, Italy
Favignana, Italy
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