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The solution

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Possible solutions to the problem of our pets traveling in the hold

There is no single solution but many possible solutions that can be adopted to put an end to the absurd conditions in which our pets are forced to travel

I created some quick photomontages to give an idea of ​​how the problem could be faced up.

For example, a soundproofed pets area separated from the passenger cabin. Equipped with comfortable and possibly soundproofed carriers to stress the pets as little as possible.

A second option would be to create places next to a big pet carrier. If small dogs are allowed in the cabin and large dogs are not allowed only because they do not fit under the front passenger seat, replacing a person seat with an animal seat sold, even if at the same price of the human one, whould be an excellent solution.

In this way even the owners of two or more cats or dogs could travel without problems.

Obviously it would be desirable that the pet carrier was made with innovative and sound-absorbing materials for a comfortable trip of all passengers.

Many aircraft of the future have compartments for exclusive use. In this case, it is sufficient to reserve some of them for the pets acces. As already happens in ferries.

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