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Discrimination based on weight and dogs in kennels

The current rules and restrictions about the transport of animals in airplane have consequences on the choice of the animal and mean that those who want to adopt a dog think twice or choose a small dog

Many people would like to take a dog or a cat but do not adopt it because they don't have a permanent position, they move from one city to another, from one state to another and an animal would complicate their existence.

I know at least 10 people who would like a pet but don't dare take this step for all the problems that would follow.

Before Carruba literally appeared on our path we had already decided to adopt a dog.

To all the kennels and associations that we contacted I reluctantly said our conditions "small, weighing less than 20 Lbs because we travel a lot by plane, my husband is Brazilian ..."

we saw many dogs that we would like to adopt and that we only discarded for their weight because we knew it would be a problem.

I wonder how many people went through, or are now, in my same situation and how many similar requests receive the volunteers of the kennels and the various associations of abandoned dogs. I guess there are a lot.

In fact, small dogs easily find a home while medium or large dogs remain to age in kennels.

The current rules and impediments to the air transport of pets mean that many dogs that have as their only "defect" a weight above 20 Lbs and not being easily transportable, remain to age in a cage.

It is discrimination with terrible consequences for many animals.

If we also consider the fact that who has a small dog or cat, and would like a second one, renounces in order not to have problems, the number of animals damaged by these rules still increases.

I am sure that improving the rules for transporting animals would simplify the lives of many owners and increase their numbers, with a consequent decrease in dogs in kennels.

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